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Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chat Masters

Each and every room at Winner Bingo has its own Chat Master, who is there to keep things high-energy and lively. Get to know them all at the Chat Masters' Corner, where you can read about their interests and much more. Next time you see one of them in your favorite bingo games, share some common ground and strike up a conversation. After all, the Chat Masters are there to keep things fun and entertaining for everyone.

  • CM Chastity
    Hi Winners, I'm Chastity and I'm a Gemini. I'm a massive fan of football (especially Stevie G) and darts and love listening to music – mostly Eminem. When it comes to films, then I'm a sucker for a comedy. Favourite TV show? Has to be the Kardashians!
  • CM Jazlyn
    Hello Roomies. I'm Jazlyn, I'm a Libra  and I love going to the beach (I'm from Cornwall – it's in the blood). I Love vampire books , I highly recommend the Morganville vampire series, and I enjoy a bit of horror too. TV-wise, I'm a hollyoaks addict and when it comes to music… MEATLOAF of course
  • CM Lizzy
    Hello guys, I'm Lizzy and I'm as Gemini from Rotherham. My interests? Pets, pets and more pets! I (currently) have a horse, a dog and a bearded dragon. I'm a keen horse rider and love spending time with my family too. My celebrity crushes are Norman Reedus and Tom Hardy (yes, I'm having two, ha)..
  • CM Maude
    Hey Roomies, I'm Maude from Edinburgh. I enjoy walking my dog, going to the movies (not with the dog, obviously haha) and going out for dinner. I love my rock music and my celeb crush is Gerard Butler – I'm a Scottish girl after all. When it comes to TV then it has to the Big Bang Theory… love it. x
  • CM Nan
    Hi, I'm Nan and I'm an Aquarius – I was born on Valentine's Day! I love my bingo and I also love reading (trashy romance – yes please) and watching tv. My favourites shows are probably True Blood or Supernatural. Celeb crush? Ian Somerhalder. Oh yes.
  • CM Suki
    Hi Winners, I'm Suki and I'm from London. I love my movies; my favourite film is definitely The Green Mile and my favourite actor is Denzel. I also enjoy swimming and reading (love Enid Blyton) and like relaxing watching cookery programmes… or listening to Linkin Park. See you in the rooms guys. x

Chat Games

For all chat games, all players must have two cards in play to qualify and we must have a minimum of 3 people participating in the chat game before it can play. You just have to be the first person to type the correct answer in the chat box after the ‘3. 2. 1.' countdown, making sure you use the correct game word in your response, or your guess is void.

Big Breakfast

The CM will type into the chat box, the first letter of a breakfast item, e.g.

The question is ‘My Breakfast item begins with *E*'
Your answer would be - ‘Food egg'


Jumble Bingo Sale

The CM will type into the chat box, a jumbled word , e.g.

The question is 'RTPCAE'
Your answer would be ‘Jumble carpet'


The Price is Right

The CM will type into the chat box, 3 items found in a supermarket, e.g.

The question is ‘6 large eggs, abag of flour and a large box of cornflakes'
your answer would be - ‘Price £3.98'


Winners Bingo Superstore

The CM will type into the chat box, a clue to the item found in Winners Bingo Superstore, e.g.

The question is ‘The item begins with the letter *S*'
Your answer would be - ‘Store sofa'



The CM will type into the chat box, the start of a phrase, e.g.

The question is ‘On cloud ___?'
Your answer would be - ‘Catchphrase nine'


True or False

The CM will ask you a question, all you have to do is answer true or false, e.g.

‘True or false question'
Your answer would be - ‘Isit True'


Bingo Chip Shop

The CM will type into the chat box, her chip shop item, e.g.

The question is ‘Found in a Chip Shop - begins with C'
Your answer would be - ‘Chips chips'

The correct answer wins £1 Bonus and 1 potato chip. The person who has the most potato chips at the tend of the game wins an extra £1 Bonus.


Guess The Name

The CM will type into the chat box, a clue regarding a boy or girls name, e.g.

The question is ‘Girls name begins with E'
Your answer would be - ‘Name Elizabeth'


Rhyme Time

The CM will type into the chat box a word that you need to rhyme, e.g.

The question is ‘A word that rhymes with stone'
Your answer would be - ‘Rhyme bone'


I Spy

The CM will type into the chat box her I SPY item, e.g.

Their question is ‘You can find my item in the bathroom and it begins with T'
Your answer would be - ‘I Spy towels'


Winners Trivia

The CM will type into the chat box a trivia question, e.g.

‘Trivia question'
Your answer would be - ‘Trivia answer'


Family Fortunes

The CM will type into the chat box topics surveyed by our staff, e.g.

The question is ‘Please name something you may do late at night?'
Your answer would be - ‘Got it brush your teeth'


Missing Word

The CM will type into the chat box a title with a missing word in it you have to guess the word, e.g.

The question is ‘What's the missing word - Blue____?'
Your answer would be - ‘Word it velvet'


Callers Big Green Teeth

The CM lives at the dentist (ha ha). Can you guess the item found in her surgery, e.g.

The question woudl be ‘Her dentist item begins with B'
Your answer would be - ‘The answer was brace'


Word Link

The CM will type into the chat box two words, you have to find the word that links these two words together, e.g.

The question would be ‘What word links these two things, Toad___Stool?'
The linked word was pigeon, (Toad Pigeon Pigeon Stool)
Your answer would be - ‘Link Pigeon'



The Chat Moderator will state what subject the anagram is about with the jumbled letters, e.g.

The question would be ‘What sporting anagram is this - bafoollt?'
Your answer would be - ‘Anagram football'

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