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How to Buy Tickets

Your Winning Ticket

So you've chosen your Bingo room and it's time to buy your winning ticket. The process is easy and takes only a few moments. Buy in advance or wait up until the last minute, the choice is up to you.

Before the Big Game

Once you've chosen your Bingo room, You'll be presented with two options, Play Now or Schedule. To buy tickets in advance click on the Schedule option. Take note of the details of each room before you finalize your choice of bingo room. Each destination has a different price listing for individual tickets along with a maximum amount available for purchase, prize amounts for winners, and number of players, which ranges from dozens into the hundreds.

Keep an Eye out

Special promotions and weekly deals offer even more rewards within certain bingo rooms. Special features will also be available from time to time which offer great incentives to play, such as free or reduced price tickets, buy one get one, or even two tickets free, and many more.

Navigating the Schedule

In the Schedule menu you'll find all the information necessary to pick up tickets for the game you want, at the time you want, at the price you want. Purchase as many tickets as you like up to the maximum using the +/- options on the right side of the screen. Click the purchase at the bottom of the page to finalize the process.

You'll be able to purchase tickets for bingo games hours or even days in advance. Check your balance and set currency at any time by viewing it in the top right corner of the Winner Bingo screen. You can toggle to keep your balance visible or keep it hidden with the green button to the right of your balance.

In the Beginning

If you choose the Play Now option, the menus to buy tickets immediately, set up automatic buying, and bulk buy for the present and future games are made available, hovering over the game board. Should the menu be closed at any time, it may be reopened by clicking the Buy Tickets button, located directly below Room name and jackpot values.

Use the sliding bar or click the number representing the amount of tickets you wish to purchase. You may review your tickets before your purchase is final. From there you may clear the form or confirm your purchase. The Autobuy function may be enable or disabled by clicking the button located in the lower left corner of this menu. The Bulk Buy option will redirect users to the Schedule tab for that given room.

Now that you know how to get started, you can register an account for a free and begin your fabulous bingo adventure!